They’ve got a few problems over the ditch getting Aussies to eat home-grown seafood.

On the upside, their Federal government just gave them, choke, $4 million dollars to fix the problem.

Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) has just hauled in the big guns of the creative world to put together a $4 million campaign to encourage Australians to eat more Aussie fish.

Clemenger BBDO in Sydney is charged with solving the problem, one that thankfully, New Zealand doesn’t have. So plentiful is our bounty that in New Zealand we eat almost 100 percent New Zealand sourced seafood.

But good on them. Frankly, getting $4 mil out of the Australian government to promote the seafood industry is great effort and one we would love to replicate.

But let’s be honest, the Aussies can’t do without New Zealand seafood; although we concede your prawns are fair dinkum and will let you win that one.

Have you ever been to the Sydney Fish Market and seen how much of that fish comes from here? Ten percent of the 13,000 tonnes sold annually, that’s how much. Some 60 different species sourced from New Zealand.

According to Australia’s Department of Agriculture, 66 percent of all seafood consumed in Australia is imported so you can see how they have a $4 million problem. That same report says the reason is price; that unlike other developed countries, Australia exports more higher value species that could supply the domestic market.

Whatever the reason, good on SIA for tackling the problem and good on the Federal government for stumping up with the cash.

Just one thing.

You know how the Aussies have this “what’s New Zealand’s is ours” attitude to everything from racehorses to desserts?

Well fair suck of the sav, we get the “buy local” thing, but that includes New Zealand fish too, right? We are neighbours after all.

Pleased we sorted this out.